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Software Development Podcasts – 2013 Edition

I was recently chatting with some coworkers about podcasts I listen to, so I thought I should document that list for easy sharing and to find some gems I am missing.

I have taken advantage of my commute time and turned my commute into Automobile University as talked about by Zig Ziglar. I heard this idea via some fitness blogs I was reading where the trainers were talking about ways to continuously improve, and decided I would apply that idea to my commute, walks, or even running errands.

The other thing I have started taking advantage of is the ability of podcast players to play at double speed. Most podcasts out there do well at one-and-a-half or double speed, and have heard that some players even support three-times speed. This allows you to dramatically increase your consumption rate if you can follow along at those speeds. You may not understand everything that is said, but you can always go back and re-listen to sections if needed, let it broaden your known unknowns, and at the least it should help to remove some of your unknown unknowns.

I did a listing of Software Development Podcasts previously, and am going to try and make this a yearly or bi-yearly update based off how frequently this list of podcasts change in my rotation.

.NET Podcasts

Ruby Podcasts

  • Ruby Rogues – Panel discussion on various Ruby related topics and projects.

Clojure Podcasts

  • The Cognicast – Formerly Think Relevance podcast
  • Mostly λazy – Infrequent updates, but enjoyed the episodes that have been released

JavaScript Podcasts

  • JavaScript Jabber – Panel discussion on JavaScript topics, started by the host who started Ruby Rogues. The first episodes were hard to listen to due to some negativity, but have picked up listening to it again in the 50’s episode numbers, and working my way back as I get a chance.

Erlang Podcasts

  • Mostly Erlang – Panel discussion mostly about Erlang, but touches on related topics and other functional programming languages and how they relate to Erlang.


  • The Changelog – Podcast about Open Source projects from The Changelog
  • The Wide Teams Podcast – Hosted by one of the panelists of Ruby Rogues, with a focus on distributed software development, with the goal to find out the good and the bad experiences and help share information on how distributed teams work.
  • Software Engineering Radio – Recently I have only been finding a few shows on topics that seem interesting, but have a large backlog of shows with interesting topics.
  • GitMinutes – Podcast covering Git source control management.

New Comers

These are podcasts that I have only listened to a couple of episodes of, either because they have only released a couple, or have just started trying them.

On my list to check out

  • Food Fight – Podcast on DevOps
  • The Freelancers Show – Started by the same host of JavaScript Jabber and Ruby Rogues about freelancing. I would think the information would be relevant to full time employees even for working to build ones career.

If you have any other podcasts that are good please feel free to add your list of podcasts that I have left out to the comments.

**Updated 2013-10-24 7:54 CDT to include link to previous list of Software Development Podcasts
**Updated 2013-10-24 22:13 CDT to include The Changelog, a “podcast covering what’s new and interesting in open source”
**Updated 2013-10-24 22:28 CDT to include GitMinutes

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DFW Erlang User Group

If you are located in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and are interested in Erlang, here is the friendly reminder that we have a User Group for you.

It doesn’t matter if you are Joe Armstrong, or Robert Virding; have just heard something about how Facebook uses it or that CouchDB, RabbitMQ and Riak are built on it; or from the cartoon about “writing a map-reduce query in Erlang”, we want you to come join us in building a community around Erlang.

We have our next two meetings scheduled and we will be continuing to cover Études for Erlang.

Please join us at the following locations:


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Starting a DFW Erlang User Group

At work we have some Erlang applications for some of our services, and there is a potential to move another application to Erlang in the future. With this, a co-worker and myself are proud to start a Erlang User Group for the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

We are coordinating through and the user group can be found at

We have our Kickoff Meeting scheduled for 6:30 pm on February 7th hosted at Cooper’s BBQ (map) in the Fort Worth Stockyards District, with the food to be sponsored by

Our agenda is to do introductions and learn how people are using Erlang, and to come up with our initial plan for how we want the User Group to function so that everyone gets the most value they can from sharing their time with everyone.

If you are have been using Erlang, or are just interested in learning more about it, please join us at our Kickoff Meeting and if you know anyone else who would please pass this along to them.



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